Creating Varieties of Web Fonts with Codes

It is a very useful tip for the web designers to know that by processing the library Fontastic, you can effectively create different varieties of fonts from the codes. Generative or creative typography is becoming a very popular trend among the graphic experimenters in the web designing industry.

These designers are combining their expertise in creative coding and knowledge in typography to open up with many unique possibilities in changing the font shapes, to create great pages such as the restaurants in Manchester one. The outcome of these experimentation is many innovative typefaces, most of the times breaking the conventional ways of usage of fonts in the websites.

With the use of the Fontastic library, you can custom define the shape and size of each characters and specify the parameters for each including the width, height, and baseline and can save it as a TTF (TrueType Font) in the WOFF (Web Open Font Format) file. Say for example, you can specify an abstract illustration about each of the letters and alphabets, which will end up in a unique artwork pattern when you render the test into this typeface. Continue reading “Creating Varieties of Web Fonts with Codes”